Feel free to ask me anything about my remixes and such! I will reply as soon as possible.

Here’s the Remix :)


I made a Five Nights at Freddy’s remix, but it’s a remix of the song by The Living Tombstone :)

Everyone, I am still here :) and I still check my messages :) So feel free to visit redhawk453.tumblr.com and ask my any questions about my videos, or games I play or should play, or visit djr3dhawk.tumblr.com to ask about my music. Also visit my gaming channel, http://www.youtube.com/user/TheR3DHAWKgaming , and my main channel, https://www.youtube.com/user/Redhawk453 , to view my videos. Thank you and have a nice day :)

I made this, and got a sort of Cooldown feeling from it :) I will make more relaxing stuff along with my party stuff. :3 I will post the art later.

This was before I learned how to do what I can now. I hope you like it :) Tune is mine, vocals are by Ellie Goulding (OBVIOUSLY) lol

Still in progress with the cover art for this as well. It will be posted when I get it done. :)

Still working on the cover art for this. I think I will post it later, but I made this for xShooterman and he used it in a montage video, so props to him :)

Made this for my girlfriend on our 3 month. ENJOY! Download link is in youtube video’s description

Anonymous asked:

This blog hurts my eyes.

Your COMMENT hurts my eyes.

Sorry :/

I know it’s been a while… I haven’t posted cover art, but music will be posted (Most Likely)